Sunday, September 20, 2009

A Long Awaited Celebration

"So everyone who had returned from captivity lived in these shelters during the festival, and they were all filled with great joy! The Israelites had not celebrated like this since the days of Joshua son of Nun." Nehemiah 8:17

Times of great joy and celebration.

I had such an occasion today. Cathy, a very dear friend of mine, is adopting a baby girl from China. Her journey began back in January of 2005 and in just a few short weeks she will hold her beautiful daughter in her arms for the first time. A special gathering of close friends met this afternoon to lavish love on her and 'party' as we rejoice in all that the Lord is doing for her. We join in the excited anticipation of meeting sweet little Hannah in less than two months.

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Elizabeth Anne Berry said...

What a beaming new Mom! It makes me happy just looking at her...and the gifts are so pretty. This little girl is coming home to a place where love abounds. Thanks for sharing these pictures, Joy.

Catherine said...

Thank you so much Joy!! Hannah is loved by so many and you are a special auntie that she will learn about very early in the time that we are together!

God is so good and truly He has led each and every step of Hannah's adoption. I can barely stop myself from gazing day and night into her beautiful eyes and if you look closely you'll see kisses on my computer screens and photo frames. Oops!!!

Thank you fro the beautiful gifts you and Japh purchased for my sweet baby girl. The dress is beautiful and what fun to get something for when she's older. The teddy bear is truly cuddly and the ladybug wind!

Thank you also for your beautiful poem...even if it did make me cry! Cannot wait to see it on the page that you are making for Hannah's Blessings Book. It was fun to get a sneak peek!!

Love you dear friend! I cannot wait for my precious baby girl to meet her Auntie Joy!!

Laura said...

A joy worth waiting for! Congratulations to the new mommy...sounds like they are already a family.

What a blessing.

Danielle said...

Seeing people with babies makes me want another one. And my daughter is almost 10!! When I get this itch, I borrrow someone else's and scratch with that

CONGRATS to you, Cathy!

~Grace and Peace said...

Aww, so cute! Love the rattle-shaped cupcakes.

Congratulations to Catherine, the new Mama and to Hannah, your precious gift from Heaven.

Sharon@JoyInTheTruth said...

What a lovely celebration! I love the cupcake cake! :)

Blessings to the new family!