Saturday, September 26, 2009

Eyes to the Skies

“We saw his star as it rose, and we have come to worship him.” Matthew 2:2

The fact that the royal astrologers had to inquire about the little King’s location tells me something. Not everyone saw the star. How do I know this? Why, there would be a mob of people. The magi would not have needed to ask. They could have followed the crowd.

The messenger that hailed Christ’s birth, wasn’t a prophet, but a star. Not a new constellation or a meteor, but a glimmer of light. A star among millions of other stars. What made this star different from all the rest? How come the wise men saw it, but few others did?

In silence His birth announcement was given, written in the sky, yet only a handful of others took the time to read it. Only a few were looking for it. Only a few were expecting it.

The wise men saw His star as it rose. They didn't miss a moment of it's appearing. It hadn't been in the sky for days. They were diligently looking and intentionally seeking. Hearts prepared. Eyes wide open.

Father, forgive me for the times I miss seeing You. I confess that sometimes the eyes of my heart fail to see You, the bright and morning Star. My time in Your Word is only an academic assignment and my search for You is in reference books, concordances and dictionaries. Trying to find you in man’s written word, and not the Word. My eyes to the ground and not the sky.

Yet, other times, like the wise men, my heart seeks You earnestly. I look and I search deeply, not wanting even the slightest glimpse of You passing by to go unnoticed. Lord, I long to see You all around me and hear You speak. Let me see You rising in my life. I want to follow You to the manger. I want to kneel in Your presence. I desire to give You gifts fit for a King. Gold for Your deity. Frankincense to worship You. Myrrh for Your sacrificial death.

“Help me to understand that you reveal yourself not to those whose mind is a concordance but to those whose heart is a cathedral.” Ken Gire

Lord, is there a ‘star’ You will have appear before me today that You want me to follow? Father, I’m looking up.

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Zoe Elmore said...

Thanks for always encouraging me! You are a super star in my book