Monday, September 7, 2009

Restrained, Released, Remaining

“The army of heaven was restrained from responding to this rebellion.” Daniel 8:12

Lord, why? Times when evil appears to prosper and flourish. All things good and right seem denied. We question, where is God and why is He allowing satan to go unchecked? Doesn’t the Lord see our suffering and pain? Doesn’t He hear our prayers and cries for intervention? Why is the army of heaven restrained from responding on our behalf?

I wish I had an answer. The truth is, I don’t know. I have, now and again, been blessed with hindsight when a trial is over and enjoyed the gift of seeing how God used a certain situation to glorify Himself. Other times, not so much. At the end all I see is confusion, bewilderment and pain, yet the truth of God’s Word tells me that this too is working out somehow for my good and His glory.

There are just so many things right now to which I am saying, “Lord, where are You?” I mean, I know His presence is with me, that is not what I am doubting and questioning. But, Lord, where are You working in these circumstances? Why must these dear ones endure so much? Lord, You tell us You won’t give us more than we can bear, and that with the burdens, if we remain yoked with You, You will bring Your strength to carry us, but how much more Lord…how much more? Oh that You would loose the army of heaven to conquer our foe and let us see the victory that is ours through Your Son. We know eventual victory is promised and we trust You Lord, but how we long to see You overcome in these situations promptly.

Yet, maybe the victory right now will not come through positive answered prayer or the removal of rebellion, but by remaining faithful.

Lord, will You come alongside these precious ones right now who are weighed down, discouraged and despaired and let them feel You, shoulder to shoulder? Will you whisper in their ears that they are not alone, abandoned or forgotten? Father, strengthen their faith. One especially is fairly new in their walk with You. Lord hold this dear one so close that they feel Your heartache for them and heartbeat in them. Lord, may they not give up. Surround them with Your presence. May we who are soldiers in Your army here on earth, rally around them and offer the support and help we can. Maybe heaven’s army is restrained because there are those of us here You want to release and use in answering their prayers. Father show us what we can do today to be part of Your relief and rescue mission as these dear ones wait for the rebellion to end.

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Tim and Susan said...

We have felt like this praying for those Christians in the Congo going through such aweful stuff. God, please intervene! But also like you said, God, please bring Your peace and strength to stand firm in these hardships.