Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Invisible Hands

“…the gracious hand of the LORD my God was on me.” Ezra 7:28

Lord, I need to feel Your hand upon me.

A hand to wipe away tears. A hand to heal. A hand to mend a broken heart. A hand to remove fears. A hand to comfort. A hand to provide. A hand to shelter from the storm. A hand to correct. A hand to guide. A hand to deliver. A hand to encourage. A hand to hold.

Lord, I need to feel You and know Your presence. I’m looking for Your hand. I’m looking for it in my life as well as those close to me. Shelter me in the hollow and the shadow of Your hands. Engrave me in Your palms. Let me sense Your touch. Circumstances beyond my control…not Yours…have pulled my heart to a place of seeking. My head tells me You are here, but I just need to see Your hand.

Hands that are not too short they cannot save. (Isaiah 59:1) Hands that measure the waters and position the heaven’s in place. (Isaiah 40:12, 48:13) Hands that hold the staff and the rod. (Psalm 23:4) Hands that hold my life and my ways. (Daniel 5:23)

Mighty hands. Saving hands. Powerful hands. Enabling hands. Conquering hands. Nail-pierced hands. Bleeding hands. Loving hands.

Lord, I fall into Your hands.

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JHerald said...

Hi Joy. I found your blog yesterday and was lead here again today...hmmmm I am always so interested in where and why God leads me to where He does?!?! This is so beautifully written. I will walk through today with this perspective. Thank you for sharing. As you seek Him, I know you will find Him. Jill

Zoe Elmore said...

Standing with you as you experience HIS hands that envelope you with comfort and pursue those afar off.

~Grace and Peace said...

Thank you for the great visual reminder of His hands. My prayer is that God will use us to be His hands to those around us.

Sharon@JoyInTheTruth said...

Oh this is beautiful! So thankful for His loving, perfect hands.

Sharon@JoyInTheTruth said...

Joy: I just read this and thought again of your beautiful post:

Psalm 111:7
The works of His hands are faithful and just; all His precepts are trustworthy.