Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Be Rich

“They should be rich…” 1 Timothy 6:18

I want to “be rich”, not I want to “get rich”.

In what does the Lord desire for us to be rich? My Pastor encouraged us from God’s Word at the beginning of this year, to be rich in four areas:

Be rich in contentment.
Be rich in faith.
Be rich in hope.
Be rich in good deeds.

To be rich in God, I must first recognize His value. Where do I invest my interest, time, passion and knowledge? Gaze at God. Spend time with Him. To invest in God is a sure investment. I must learn to live my life fully in front of the panicked, paranoid and paralyzed.

Do I truly comprehend the value of what is already mine? Lord, You have blessed me abundantly. The numbers in my bank account may not signify worldly wealth, but I am storing up for myself treasures in heaven. Father, may You alone satisfy me with Yourself.

“All I have in You, is more than enough.”

Yes, I am a millionaire!

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1 comment:

Leah said...

Oh how rich I am...in grace and in mercy and in the faithfulness of Jesus!! Makes me want to shout!!