Friday, December 18, 2009

How's Your Grip?

“…let us hold firmly to what we believe.” Hebrews 4:14

Holding tightly to his hand, we navigated our way through the crowd. My grip on my young son was prompted by a sea of people and the fear of separation. Love wrapped itself around his palm and held on.

Another day I remember that same hold after a night of freezing rain. Driving to school was impossible. Walking was treacherous. With his little hand in mine we slid across slippery sidewalks. He was confident I wouldn’t let him fall.

Tempted to disobey, I reached over and took his hand. No, he couldn’t run over there. It was dangerous. For safety’s sake, my grip tightened. Safety from peril and sin would cue my clasp.

The verse above has caused me to access my grip on God. Is it secure? Is it a resolute hold? Is my following with firm determination? The same obstacles threaten to pry my life from His grip of grace.

Sea of people
Slippery sidewalks

Father, help me hold firmly to You. Just last night my heart was sickened by the sight of one who let go. Their life no longer following the belief they once embraced. Lord, don’t let anything or anyone pry our hands apart. When other things and other people want to hold my hand, give me courage not to make that exchange. Strengthen my grip through Your Word…through prayer…through experience. Let me hold firmly to what I believe. Let me hold tight to You.

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Laura said...

An Amen to that. I pray this for my children. Just let them always be close to you, Lord. Amen.

~Grace and Peace said...

Another Amen from me. It is in the difficult times when we want to let go that we must, MUST, hold on to God.

Blessings to you this weekend. I hope you had a wonderful family gathering.