Sunday, December 27, 2009

Wake Up Call

“Wake up!” Revelation 3:2

Can I be brutally honest and admit that I wasn’t looking forward to reading the book of Revelation? There’s so much I question and don’t fully understand. I like “feel good” passages and scripture that challenges my daily walk and calls me to a deeper commitment, but I struggle with comprehending much of the teaching in this final book of God’s Word. Yet, today, my heart is so full, I hardly know where to begin. God definitely has woken me from apathy to John’s inspired writing here.

Today’s reading began with a call to “Wake up!” God is calling us not to sleep on the pillow of past accomplishments. Don’t be chronic reminiscer’s, but vibrantly alive with a weekly God story. God is speaking. Calling us from yesterdays longing of contentment to today’s yearning for holiness.

Do we need to summon spiritual smelling salts? We can’t drift into spiritual vibrancy. It takes a drastic move on our part. Are we awake? Faith that acts alive IS alive. God says that those who are awake, “walk with me” (vs. 4). WOW!

Revelation 3:8 tells us that God has “opened a door” for us. He has placed before us an open door. New possibilities. I don’t want to be known as one who had potential, but as one who seized opportunities. Any thresholds I need to cross today?

No “lukewarm” faith that was evidenced in the church of Laodicea, described in Revelation 3:16. Are you aware of the geographical position of Laodicea? It is located between Colossae, a place with snow peaks, and Hierapolis, known for it’s hot springs. Hot is therapeutic and cold is refreshing, but, in between, lukewarm is useless. The church there was described as “blind” and “naked”. They were a leading country in the areas of eye care and clothing. They said they were rich (vs. 17), but there is a wealth that leads to spiritual poverty.

The Lord says, let Me come in and dine with you (vs. 20). The original word used here is translated “dinner”, not breakfast or lunch. Dining implies lingering long and sharing fellowship around the table. That’s God’s desire.

Oh friends, let’s heed God’s morning alarm call to wake up from coasting and complacency, finishing this year with renewed commitment and enthusiasm. A door stands open before us today.

(Some thoughts today inspired by a couple of different messages I've heard my Pastor, Pastor Rick Baker, share over five years ago.)

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Leah said...


I fear a lot of pews in America need the spiritual smelling salts passed from one end to another. It is sooo easy to grow complacent and lazy spiritually. Unfortunately, what the church needs is persecution to wake it up. I know that is a tough thing to say but it is true.


Kathy S. said...

I believe with you that God is stirring His Church to awaken! I am so excited to see the same message resounding in different ways on different blogs. We are indeed living in the age of Laodecia, the lukewarm church.

The only church Jesus didn't rebuke in Revelation was the church in Smyrna (the crushed, persecuted church)

Revive us O, Lord!!

PS Thank you for your beautiful Christmas letter!! Gifted writer you are!

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Finishing the year with you, Joy, and hearing God's wake-up call afresh and new as it approaches.