Sunday, December 20, 2009

Listen With Your Face

"Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith". Hebrews 12:2

A friend of mine was visiting with her daughter one afternoon, and as they shared some precious time of fellowship together, her 2 year old grandson played nearby. At one point the little fellow had something he wanted to tell his mommy. He called for her several times, but his mom was so caught up in her conversation, she appeared unaware of his voice that continued to gain volume, demanding her attention. In frustration, he managed to hoist his short legs up onto the couch where his mother was sitting, and standing on the cushions in front of her, he cupped her face in his sweet hands and said, 'Mommy, listen with your face'!

After hearing this story and enjoying a chuckle, I began to wonder how many times the Lord has called my name and tried to get my attention and He's been met with no response. Does He long to hold my face tenderly in His Hands and call me to "listen with my face"? When He speaks, am I really attentive or do I only give half an ear to His voice. Are distractions causing me to look away, or am I always gazing intently into my Saviors face? Has the noise of this world caused me to become hard of hearing and has His voice become a dull murmur that I ignore? Hebrews 12:25 says, "Be careful that you do not refuse to listen to the One who is speaking."

In the Gospels we read about Peter walking on the water. He heard Christ's voice and in exuberance Peter leaps over the side of the boat and without hesitation begins defying all laws of physics as his feet are supported by the sea. Suddenly the reality of his circumstance crashes as the waves around him, and he begins to sink. He calls out to the Lord and immediately Jesus rescues his heart from its drowning faith.

In a more modern day illustration, consider 'Maggie Carpenter' in the movie, "Runaway Bride". As long as 'Maggie' kept her eyes on the groom waiting for her at the altar she continued walking down the aisle, but the moment she was distracted by the guests in the church, she turned and ran.

All three of these stories remind us where we should fix our eyes. We are the Bride of Christ and He is our Bridegroom. If we keep our gaze focused on Christ, situations around us may threaten or call for our attention, but as we look to Jesus, we will discover He will more than supply our every need. He will strengthen our faith, remove our fear and give us direction.

What is the Lord trying to tell you today? When He calls your name, give Him your undivided attention and "listen with your face".

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Leah said...

We talked about this very concept in my Sunday school class this morning. Cool how the Lord allows repeating themes.

I'm sure He has wanted to grab my face in major frustration many times and say to me, "Look at ME with your face, Leah".

Merry Christmas, joy!!


Laura said...

I love it! Children sometimes capture a truth that we cannot see.

I'm listening with my face tonight!

~Grace and Peace said...

Listening with my face. Great reminder. As mothers, I think we are so used to multi-tasking, we never really give 100% to one single thing. My family AND my Heavenly Father both need my undivided attention. Thank you for sharing that.

lisasmith said...

I love this! Listen with your face. What a challenge to meet :) have a very blessed Christmas!
Love, Lisa

Unreasonable Grace said...

As soon as I saw the title of this post, I was convicted. I knew right where you were going with this line. It's a Word for me today, Joy. Thank you.

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

There's something grand and glorious that happens when we turn our face toward God and listen therein...

Something about his radiance countenance spills over onto ours.