Wednesday, November 6, 2013


"The everlasting Father."  Isaiah 9:6

I had a new idea presented to me last week.  An interpretation of a Scripture verse that I had never thought of in this way before.

One of the four Bible studies I am currently involved in is Beth Moore's "The Patriarch's".  I am thoroughly enjoying the classes each week.  It's so great to be a participant instead of the facilitator for a change.

In our homework this week we read the passage in Genesis where Abraham called the Lord, the "Eternal God".  Beth then directed us to Ecclesiastes 3:11.  "...He has also set eternity in the hearts of men..."  She went on to explain her understanding of this verse.

I have always reasoned this verse to mean that the Lord has placed in His children a longing for heaven.  We are aware that this is not our home, and we have a desire for eternity when we will see Jesus and be welcomed into His presence forever.  Beth explained it a little differently.

If I'm comprehending correctly what Beth described, this verse is teaching that we have a longing inside to see things continue.  It's a passion for more.  It's hating hearing "the end".  We resist endings because of an inner heart longing for an "always and forever".

This concept resonated in me.  It's why I dislike seeing the credits begin at the completion of a wonderful movie.  It's why reading the last page of a beautiful story brings a sad parting.  It's what fuels the excitement for a "BFF".  It's why an evening with great friends and family seems to end too quickly.  All of these are birthed from an eternity in our hearts.

Beth writes that even the fight to live at the end of life with astonishing tenacity "originates neither in worldliness, selfishness, nor lack of faith."  Beth suggests it is birthed in our makeup.  We are wired to want to live.

There will come a day when this longing is satisfied.  Currently we live "in time", but our hearts are living for eternity.  We resist the end because we were meant to be without one.

One day our endless longings will be satisfied in our everlasting Father.

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Cheri Bunch said...

Good morning, Joy!
I love this! It is so true. The one I hate the most is when my children have to leave. I can hardly stand it!

I was looking at my stats this morning and it tells me how many comments I have had over the life span of my blog. I had to smile when I thought that the majority of them have been from you. Thank you for faithfully posting your thoughts. I know that your thoughts minister to those peeking in on my blog. I'm so happy that they have opportunity to glean from your wisdom.

I am thankful for you, my dear friend!

Have a wonderful day!


Lois said...

I like your perspective!