Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Promiser

Stink!  I felt nothing had jumped off the page of His Word to me this morning.  I desperately wanted the "perfect promise" to send to my sister who is having a small, routine medical procedure performed after lunch.  So often the Lord has given her the exact Scripture to send me at such times and I longed to encourage her heart similarly.  Suddenly a short writing in my journal caught my eye.  It was taken from a book authored by Hannah Whitall Smith.

"It is grand to trust in the promises, but it is grander still to trust in the Promiser."  "The God who is behind His promises and is infinitely greater than His promises can never fail us..."  "Behind the prayers and behind the promises there is God, and He is enough."

Oh friends, again the Lord has rerouted my heart.  Joy, don't look for the promises, look for Me.  I am all you need.  My promises can be misunderstood and misapplied.  If you rest in Me, you will find "perfect peace".

Are you looking for direction from God's Word today?  Are you wishing you had a verse to hold on to as you walk a new or uncertain road?  Take the Hand of your Heavenly Father.  As your feet fall in step by His side, the presence of the Promiser is all you really need.

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Cheri Bunch said...

Tears! That is truly beautiful! Thank you for being faithful to share beautiful treasures! Your nearness to His heart is so beautiful. I'm going to hang onto this message today. Thank you so much for sharing, Joy!
Love and hugs,

Jill Beran said...

Wow Joy, this is good. I love the bit about stop looking for the promises just look for Me!! Praying I hold on to that! Blessings to you!