Thursday, November 14, 2013

Undeniable Beauty

"Oh, worship the LORD in the beauty of holiness!" 1 Chronicles 16:29

I'm starting to get a complex.  Every time I take her out the same thing happens.  I'm not kidding!

Deciding to stop for a cup of coffee before taking my mom back to the nursing home, we had just settled in our seats.  Almost instantly two ladies approach my mother.  I have become very familiar with this occurrence.  They begin telling her she is such a beautiful lady.  Repeatedly they express kind words. My sweet mom humbly accepts their compliments.

After the women leave, my mom is almost in tears.  Not recognizing outward beauty in herself, she finds their admiration overwhelming, yet this happens all the time.  Often sitting beside her, I begin to feel like "chop liver", even on the days I thought I had put myself together rather well.  Sometimes they will turn to me and say, "Oh, you look lovely too dear".  Yah.  Thanks.

After mom dries her eyes, she shares this secret with me.

Every morning during her quiet time she prays, "Lord, may Your beauty be seen in me today".

Although I think of my precious 88 year old mom as an attractive, elderly lady, I don't believe it is outward beauty that is drawing all the attention.  Others are seeing the beauty of Jesus and are drawn to His radiance in her life.

I remember back when my sister and I were in High School.  On the evening of Parent/Teacher interviews our parents had stopped to meet the English professor.  In speaking with this gentleman, at one point he paused and said, "Your girls are such...(hesitation)...refined girls."  Loss for a word to describe what he saw, refined was the adjective given to us.  Yes, refined.  Refined through fire and coming forth as gold to a world that can't define or describe Him yet His presence is found in both youth and elderly.

Is the beauty of Jesus evident in your life?  Is your life radiating His presence?  Let's all join in prayer with my mom today.  "Lord, may Your beauty be seen in me today."

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nancy said...

Food for thought..........even if we don t mean to, speaking for myself at least we do spend a lot of time on "how we look" weight, hair (those popping clothes.........this is a great reminder to spend at least "as much" time each day or each time we get ready praying that those that see me will indeed see "Jesus"!!!