Saturday, November 9, 2013

Saturday Sharing

Good morning lovely friends.  I've been debating what to do on weekends.  I must say that writing every day, first thing in the morning, demands much time!  I was thinking for my own sanity, I'm going to change up my Saturday and Sunday posts a little.  The Lord has directed me to two great ideas!!

On Saturdays I'm going to do a "Saturday Sharing".  During the week while reading other blog posts, I'm going to choose one that has deeply ministered to me. On Saturday I'm going to share that link and why I chose this writing to share with all of you.  There are a lot of wonderful writers out there who inspire me.  I'd love you to "meet" them.

On Sunday's I'm going to offer a "Sabbath Selah".  It might appear as a quote from an author such as Tozer or Oswald Chambers.  It may be a "sticky statement" that continues to run around in my head.  It could be a song.  Possibly a single Bible verse for you to ponder.  A "Selah" is a pause for a time of personal reflection.  I'd love to hear in the comments how the Lord speaks to your heart on these days.  You don't need my interpretation.  Allow the Holy Spirit to breathe a fresh Word to your heart.  He is the best Teacher.

So, to begin today, I'd love to direct you over to my friend Leah Adam's blog at "the POINT ministries".  It's the perfect follow-up to my post yesterday.  She has shared some of the most powerful quotes from Rev. Billy Graham's recent broadcast.  May they stir you to respond.

Oh...and don't forget to tell Leah in your comment to her, that Joy says hi when you visit her today.  You can see one of my favourite quotes in her comments.  :-)

Here's the link to the specific post: "The Cross".

Enjoy your time with Leah.  She's become a precious new friend.

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Anonymous said...

Oh my, I'm so humbled. Thank you for sharing my post on Dr. Graham's program. Joy, you are such a beautiful reflection of Christ. It is my pleasure to be your friend...even if we never meet IRL (in real life). Blessings to you.

Cheri Bunch said...

I am often amazed that when I come to your page, many times, you have so beautifully drafted my rambling thoughts. I am praying about what to do with Saturdays and Sundays. I love your solution. Thank you for sharing. I look forward to meeting Leah!
Have a beautiful weekend, my friend!

Love and blessings,

Jill Beran said...

What a great idea Joy!! My blogging is so random, but last year I did the 31 days in Oct and understand what you mean about writing every day. It's hard, but for me it's also good. God always speaks to me when I write it' an added bonus if someone else reads it and hears from Him too!! Anyway one thing I did was a "Flashback Friday" where I'd share a post I'd previously written. Amazing how God would use it to speak to me again. Looking forward to hearing from you and meeting some of your friends!!

Jill Beran said...
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