Sunday, November 24, 2013

Sabbath Selah - Glory Beyond

Often we spend far too much time behaving like cows.  Yes...cows.  Cows regurgitate their food.  They bring it back up for some further chewing.

People tend to do the same thing.  Instead of letting the past be the past, (it is called that for a reason), many spend countless hours clinging to, living in and "chewing on" what Paul tell us to forget.  Those things behind.

Today's quote comes from D. L. Moody:

"Many are always looking on the backward path and mourning over the troubles through which they have passed.  They keep lugging up the cares and anxieties they have been called on to bear and are forever looking at them.  Why should we go reeling and staggering under the burdens and cares of life when we have such prospects before us?

If there is nothing but glory beyond, our faces ought to shine brightly all the time."

Change your focus today from behind to beyond.

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