Monday, October 21, 2013

Filling the Gap

"I looked for a man to stand in the gap, but found none." Ezekiel 22:30

I saw my husband Gord talking to Bob as I was fastening the buttons on my coat.  The church service had concluded moments earlier and we had been visiting with friends sitting near us in the pews.  Suddenly Gord caught my eye and motioned me closer.  Apparently the couple scheduled as "Greeters" for the next service were unable to come.  Would we fill in and welcome those who would be arriving shortly?  Without hesitation I began to take my coat off.  We'd be staying for awhile.

Not on the "official" greeting team, Gord and I have filled in at different times and it's always fun to see who attends the "other" church.  Being "regulars" at the early service, we don't often see those who come to the later gathering.

It was lovely to have this opportunity to serve with my husband.  Side by side.  Extending the right hand of Christian fellowship.  Some faces were familiar, but many I had never seen before.  A variety of cultures, sizes, handshakes and responses.  Most seem pleased to connect.  A few avoided us.  Many children appeared shy, yet smiled as they tentatively reached out their hands.  I even got to hug the mom of a sweet friend who was here visiting her daughter.

Time was going by quickly when Bob returned.  Pulling something out of his pocket he presented Gord and I with a gift card to a local coffee shop.  Despite our refusal, he insisted.  It was his way of saying 'thank you' to us for stepping in at the last moment.

Gord was content to hand the card over to me to enjoy in the future, but I suggested we go right then.  Gord and I almost always come straight home after church, but yesterday we made a detour.  I was so excited! We are not ones to pick up coffee often so this was a real treat!  Coffee and orange cruller. It was so delightful because it was so unexpected.

I think the coffee tasted extra good because it really was from God.  We had no idea when we headed to church yesterday morning that we would be presented with a call to serve.  We immediately responded favorably to the invitation and filled in with enthusiasm.  We thought our reward was the blessing we received from meeting so many wonderful friends in the family of God. The Lord put the icing on the cake by giving us a "bonus" as He moved on Bob's heart to shower us with His "immeasurably more".  A coffee card, not worth much in the eyes of the world, but a special gift from the One whom we were really serving.  His way of saying, "I saw you fill the gap today so willingly, and I thank you."

How can you stand in the gap today?

** This is extra special to me because my daddy lived by this verse.  His ministry was one of standing in the gap.  You can read about it here: "Standing in the Gap".

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Cheri Bunch said...

I love this, Joy! You would make an excellent greeter! Scotty and I feel that the position of door greeter is one of the most important positions of all. Thank you for serving, my friend. I know that so many were blessed by your love for Jesus and your love for them.

I love the "standing in the gap" motto. Perfect! I have taken that to heart!

I am so happy that you were blessed above and beyond. The Lord is so wonderful!

Thank you for sharing this!

Hugs and love,

Marilyn in Mississippi said...

I'm currently in a Bible study on Ruth at the pregnancy center where I volunteer and when I read this post today my immediate thought was that Boaz did to Ruth...gave you some ''handfuls of purpose'' yesterday! :)

Thank you for praying for me this weekend Joy!

God bless you.....