Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Five Dollar Blessing

 "...those who refresh others will themselves be refreshed."  Proverbs 11:25

With plant in hand my sister and I entered the doors of the nursing home.  A familiar lobby greeted us.  We have been coming here almost daily since January.  First it was to visit our dad who needed added care after my mom broke her back. Then it was to visit both parents as mom became a resident in February.  After daddy's passing in July our trips, although not daily, are still frequent, but today we had come to visit someone new.

A week ago Monday the nursing home hosted a memorial service to remember several of the residents who had passed away over the summer months.  The auditorium became a Chapel for an hour and many family and friends quietly came to share stories of senior saints.

At the conclusion of the service one precious lady came and stood near my sister and I.  She was fascinated that we are twins.  She shared with us that she had twin boys, but one of them had passed away at a young age.  She spoke kindly of our dad and said how much she missed seeing him.  Her eyes filled as she recalled others she had known who's health had failed and now these friends too were gone.

After leaving that day I felt strongly urged to pick up a small plant and return to visit this dear lady.  I'm sad to say I could not remember her name.  Actually, I'm not even certain she had shared it with us.  My sister and I made special trips twice last week in hopes of finding her, but both times we walked out with plant still in hand.

Walking through the lobby today, my sister and I headed over to "sign in", a required procedure for all visitors.  As we began to walk toward the elevators, we saw her.  She was heading out the front door to catch a breath of fresh air. Turning on our heals we retraced our steps, meeting up with her as she was exiting the building.  Uncertain of her name I just held out the pink, blossomed plant and said, "We brought this for you".

I wish I could find words to adequately describe the next few moments.  Silent tears began to fall, as back and forth, one at a time, we were each held in her embrace.  In broken English, from Slovakian descent, she kept repeating, "I love you girls, I love you girls, I love you girls".

We didn't have much time to visit today, but the moments we spent with her were such a treasure.  We saw pictures of her family. She told us of coming to Canada in 1960, expressing the struggles and losses along the way. She now has only one surviving family member...a son. I recognized his name.  He works with my husband.  Who but God could have orchestrated that added detail!  She had to quickly take us to see her room so we would know where to find her next time.  She began planning where we might go for tea when we visit her again.  Passing a nurse on the walk to her room, her face just lit up as she proclaimed, "I have visitors today!"

I don't know about you, but I could weep still at the thought of her happiness.  It was such a simple, small act of kindness. A five dollar plant and 30 minutes of time.  What a blessed gift I would have missed today if I had given up after the first try to find her.

May the Lord allow us to see another's unspoken need.  Then, go beyond.  Don't just see the need, be the answer.  I guarantee you, your heart will be so full you just might burst with the delight of being used by God to share His love with a treasured new friend.
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Cheri Bunch said...

Truly beautiful, Joy! Truly!

Leah @ Point Ministries said...

What a precious post! Hope you are doing well.