Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The "Again" of God

"...'I will bring them home again,' says the LORD."  Hosea 11:11

Lord, there is still time to intervene.

This morning my heart is with precious friends.  Their 21-year old daughter will be moving out today, deciding to live with her boyfriend.  How did it happen?  When did her heart begin to turn?  She loved Jesus as a little girl.

Another single mom shared yesterday that it was her daughter's 18th birthday.  She hasn't seen her in two years.  The young girl moved out at 16, and in tears this dear mom shared that she has no idea where her daughter is living right now.

A couple in their late 60's continue to cry and pray for the son that wandered from the Lord many years ago.  He is living a life of sin, yet was raised in a Christian home where God was the center.  What caused him to walk away?

My words are few today.  Let's get on our knees and pray.  I'm sure everyone reading this has either heard a similar story, or you've living the painful scenario right now.  Please, let's not stand in a place of judgement over these dear ones...the children or the parents.  We have all fallen.  We all have the same potential to fail.  The same enemy is watching our weaknesses.  The same arrow stands ready to shoot and our armor had better be in place.

Wounded soldiers need help.  Bearing another's burdens means standing with them in the mess.  Let's get in the trenches, providing the safety they need of a listening ear and a heart and tongue that doesn't condemn.

And, dear ones who are weary in this walk, you don't have to carry it alone.  Allow the family of God opportunity to minister to you.  Please, in the comments today, either just write "Praying" or leave the first name of someone who has wandered from the Lord and let's pray for one another.  God is able.  His Word says, "I will bring them home again."

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