Thursday, October 3, 2013

No Small Stir

"Then, as soon as it was day, there was no small stir among the soldiers about what had become of Peter." Acts 12:18

I LOVED reading that yesterday morning and my mind is still returning to the thought of "no small stir".  Peter had just been miraculously released from prison and I'm sure when the soldiers awoke and found their captive freed, it did create quite a commotion.

I want the Lord working in me to create a "stir".  Of course I looked "stir" up in the dictionary and I embraced all the spiritual application that can easily be taken.  Stir is defined as: a movement that mixes thoroughly; a disturbance, agitation, activity, widespread notice and discussion; impression; to bring into notice; disturb the quiet; rouse to activity; to call forth; and evoke strong feelings in.  Whether used as a verb or a noun, there is action involved.

I get excited just reading those descriptions again.  I want that!!!  I want my life to create "no small stir", not because of me, but because of Christ in me.  My own natural ability to generate a stir would no doubt only result in embarrassment, but if I have received the Holy Spirit, God expects the work of the Holy Spirit to be manifest in me, and He is always doing amazing things!

Oh how I pray it would be said of me, "Then, as soon as it was day, there was no small stir among others about what has become of Joy."

Father, You are stirring my heart, and for the next 31 days I pray You will speak to me and through me as I take up this challenge from "The Nester" to write for Your glory.

Lord, may You in me be obvious and draw those around me to see and desire You, creating no small stir.
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Marilyn in Mississippi said...

I,too, pray that God would be "obvious" in my life!

Good thoughts Joy!