Thursday, October 17, 2013

Waiting At the Door

Earlier this morning I read a friend's blog post.  In it she shared a sweet story about an outing with her son.  As the young boy made sure their dog was safely inside their home, his mom, my friend, decided to drive the car closer to the door for easier access.  To do so, she had to first reverse the car.  The little boy saw his mom backing out of the driveway and became worried.  He thought his mom might be leaving without him.  Upon entering the vehicle and receiving her reprimand, she reassured him that she was not leaving him.  She said, "Although it looked like it was a bad thing for you, I was really just getting in a better position to pick you up at the door".

She continued then to write a personal, spiritual parallel.  I could identify.  I  jump to conclusions too quickly based on what appears.  If it looks that way, it must be so.  Many times what I perceive with my sight I receive to be right.  I often decide what God is doing based on what I see, but His ways are not my ways, or my thoughts His thoughts.  The Lord is working out His plan for me and times it might look like He's "backing up" and I wonder where He is, He's really just preparing to "pick me up at the door".

This illustration was such an encouragement to me.  It reminded me of an extended family member.  We cannot understand his recent move to California.  We see him running away, "putting his car in reverse" so to speak.  However, as I read this, I thought of God's plans and possibilities.  Maybe he HAS to go to California because there is someone there who will be instrumental in bringing him Home (yes...turning his heart back to his Heavenly Home).  What appears to be running may be for his returning.  Even the "famous" Prodigal son left his father's home for a far away country.  It was in the foreign land he began to see all he had taken for granted and his longing turned him towards home.

Yesterday I was asking God about a lot of things.  We have many in our family right now, and our circle of friends, who really need a miracle, whether it be physical, financial, emotional, spiritual, mental etc...  I never doubt that God could just think the thought and the healing would come.  I know He could.   But sometimes the immediate restoration isn't for our best.  It's so often the journey that brings more joy than instant recovery. It's in the journey we take God's Hand and abide in Him.

I'm blessed by thoughts that have turned to deeper trust this morning.  I'm so thankful the Lord is in control and I can rest between His sovereignty and His love while I wait for Him to "pick me up at the door".  May He find me there peacefully waiting.
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Cheri Bunch said...

This is an excellent word, Joy. Thank you so much for sharing it. Wow! It is so visual. You have given me something that I will ponder for awhile!
Love and hugs,