Friday, October 25, 2013

Forgotten Treasure

"Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy and where thieves break in and steal; but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys and where thieves do not break in and steal.  For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also."  Matthew 6:19-21

Turning into the driveway, instantly she noticed.  The side-door to her home stood ajar.  That's strange.  Had she left in such a hurry that she forgot to lock it?  No, she could almost feel the key in her hand as she had turned the deadbolt, securing the door.  Was that today?  Did the memory return just from repetition?  Maybe she had forgotten this one time.  Certainly she had enough things on her mind these days.

Running up the steps, swinging open the screen door she hollered in, "Hello".  Habit birthed the cheery welcome, because truly she did not expect or want a reply.  Her eyes suddenly fell to the lock laying on the tile at the feet.  Lifting her view higher, the splintered door took her attention.  Before another thought crossed her mind she was back down the steps and locked in her car.  Someone had been in her home.  Maybe they were still in there.

Summoning her husband home first, her next call went to 911.  The operator asked a series of questions.  The police were on their way.

Fearing the intruder might still be in her home and possibly watching her, a shiver ran up her spine.  She drove and parked in the neighbour's driveway.  Distance provided a buffer, but also a blindfold.  Her view of the house was blocked by the garage.  Oh well, at least she felt safer.

When the police arrived the canine unit was dispatched and a thorough investigation of her home was conducted.  Whoever had been there moments before had left, most likely after she drove next door.  There were things that gave the police evidence to believe that the intruder had been in her home when her cheerful greeting echoed through the halls.

The rooms on a whole didn't appear much different.  Drawers were open.  Lid off the cookie jar.  Boxes emptied of contents.  Mattress uncovered and moved.  Although much more damage could have been done, the unwelcomed visitor had left with all her jewelry, a small amount of cash and a camera.  The jewelry box also contained precious treasures.  Old photographs.  Newspaper clippings.  Irreplaceable value, yet no doubt tossed away thoughtlessly by one who didn't appreciate their worth.

Friends, we have been given a treasure worth far more than gold.  How careless are you with God's Word?  I will always remember a seminar on different religions that I attended.  The speaker shared the importance the Muslim's place on the Koran.  When not being read it is respectfully placed on a high shelf of importance.  The speaker said that Muslim people are astonished at the way Christians handle their Bibles.  We place them on the floor.  We toss them into our cars.  We might even set a cup of coffee on the cover to keep from marking a table.  Not only that, but if we truly believe it to be God's Word, how do we go from day to day without touching it...reading it?  Where is our reverence and longing for God's Word?

I'm not suggesting we idolize our Bible, but do we treasure it?  Have you ever seen someone who receives their first copy of the Scriptures?  When it's placed in their hands, they realize the pearl of great price that has been handed to them.  It's not the Book so much that causes the enamoured response or the tender hold, but the Author.

What defines riches to you?  This burglar departed with perishable trinkets while leaving priceless treasures.  I'm not saying this home is filled with items of great monetary value, but what this intruder really needed was left behind.  A Bible in almost every room.  The wealth that could have changed a heart forever.  The promise of mansions, streets of gold, salvation, forgiveness, acceptance, love and one day living with the King of Kings.

The thief last week no doubt wanted gold and cash.  Quick commodities.  Material items of no eternal significance.  Although it has left my sister and her family shaken, they are secure in Christ.  We are all now praying for the one who's life has been reduced to theft.  Reminded of the thieves who were crucified with Jesus.  Reminded of eternal treasures.  Reminded of the priceless value of God's Word.  Reminded that only in the Lord do we find security and safety.  There is no greater joy than knowing Jesus, and once He is believed and received, He is a Treasure that cannot be stolen.

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Cheri Bunch said...

This is powerful, Joy! POWERFUL!!! Praying that every soul who needs this message will hurry and stop by to read it! Excellent word that I believe is straight from the heart of God. Thank you, sweet sister!

Love you much!