Monday, October 14, 2013

The Eve of Forever

The rehearsal had gone well, or at least she thought all had flowed smoothly.  Really, how would she know?  This was her first, and Lord willing, her last.  She believed marriage to be a lifetime commitment and now it was the eve of forever.

Tomorrow she would walk up the aisle on the arm of the one who had been her "best man" for the past 26 years.  Daddy had loved well and mom had taught her how to love well.  Tomorrow she would pledge her heart to another. Tomorrow her name would change, as would her life.  But that was tomorrow.  She still had tonight.

After time with her parents, giggling with her sister, and sharing excitement over all that would happen the following day, she slipped into her room, the room that had been hers for most of her life.

Without turning on the light, dropping to her knees she began to pray.  Emotions quickly surfaced.  This was it.  The last time she would come before God's throne in this room - beside this bed.  So many memories spilled into her conversation with God that night.  So much for which to give thanks.  Childhood dreams were on the threshold of reality.

Lord is this what You planned for me?  Is this who You planned for me?  In an act of final surrender she prayed, "Father, I feel You have led and directed me.  You have guided and provided for every detail tomorrow.  I kneel here tonight hours away from becoming Mrs. Gordon Brown.  Father, if I am moving outside Your perfect will for me, I don't care what You have to do to stop my wedding tomorrow - do it.  As much as I love Gord, I love You more.  Although my heart would break should You say 'no', I long to remain in the center of Your will for me.  I lay Gord on the altar of sacrifice, desiring only Your best for both of us.  Unbelievable that I could be Your best for Gord.  Oh, how I pray I am.  Father, teach me how to be the wife to Gord that he needs.  Be our foundation, our focus and our future."

Not certain how long I stayed on my knees praying that night, but the next day I did indeed walk down the aisle while the pipe organ proclaimed, "Praise my soul the King of heaven."

Tomorrow, October 15th, Gord and I will celebrate our 25th anniversary.  God returned the gift I offered in open hands.  He confirmed His pleasure with the ceremony proceeding.  He now holds us in His hands as one.

Knowing God's benediction has not meant perfection, but dedication.  We've made mistakes, yet I've always had the assurance of knowing my marriage was not one of them. Committed, devoted, cherishing, forgiving and faithful we continue to seek God's will and thank Him for our love for a lifetime.

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beth said...

Love this! Happy anniversary!

Cheri Bunch said...

Happy Anniversary, dear Joy! You and I have a shared theme this morning. Please check out my post for today.It will make you smile! Love you!