Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Ah-Ha Moments

"At the LORD's command..." 1 Kings 13:1

Do you ever hear God's voice speaking to you? Do you have God-stories of specific times when He has clearly given you direction? Times when a still small voice, bible verse or messenger from the Lord has provided the exact word you needed to hear and you had an "ah-ha" moment as you were overcome by the awesomeness of God to speak into your need.

Each one of the following statements has a precious story behind it. Each gives testimony to God hearing and answering prayer.

At the LORD's command we enrolled our son in the Public School system.
At the LORD's command we moved to a new church.
At the LORD's command I drove a couple of hours to serve at a Women of Grace event.
At the LORD's command I continue to lead Bible Study, even though I'm exhausted.
At the LORD's command I faced my fear and boarded a plane to attend "She Speaks".
At the LORD's command I began praying for some dear friends regularly.
At the LORD's command I've been called to speak at ladies events.
At the LORD's command I now faithfully teach a 3-year old Sunday School class.
At the LORD's command I trusted when no evidence was apparent.
At the LORD's command I closed my eyes and slept through the storm.
At the LORD's command I wait for His will to be done.

What are you doing at the LORD's command?

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On Purpose said...

I am floating in the very presence of God this morning. I just came from reading Elaine's post and then here to visit you and am standing in awe...in a real ah-ha moment with my God. God is so amazing and awesome...thank you Joy!

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

At the Lord's command I continue to step out in faith ... even when the future is clouded by his mystery. May I always be found making these steps.

I think this to be a great exercise. I'm going to make one of my own today.