Friday, March 6, 2009


"I see him, but not here and now. I perceive him, but far in the distant future." Numbers 24:17a

Are you struggling to see Him today? Are clouds blocking your view? Is misunderstanding obstructing your perception? Are circumstances hiding His face? Do doubts deny the delight of His presence? Have you lost sight of Him in your situation?

I'm struggling right now to see God. Frustration. Illness. Anger. Confusion. Pain. Exhaustion. Heartbreak. These have put up barriers causing tears that fog my vision.

Father, draw close today. Give me a glimpse of Your glory.

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Stacey said...

I just wanted you to know I was praying for you; I read your comment on Renee's blog; I'm praying. I have not experienced what you are experiencing, but I am just now coming through a very difficult battle of "spiritual warfare." I am praying for you and will be checking back for updates. I hope and pray, when you can't pray for yourself or seem as though God's not there, that you will never lose hope; know others are indeed praying.