Monday, March 2, 2009

Within His Reach

"The LORD answered Moses, 'Is the LORD's arm too short? You will now see whether or not what I say will come true for you.'" Numbers 11:23

If only I was just a fraction of an inch taller. Everything within me was straining to just nudge that box of Blueberry Yogurt Bars on the top shelf. I sensed I was almost there, but the tips of my fingers were just a hair away from making contact. Oh, if only my 6 foot son was here. My goal was outside my reach.

This was the scenario on Saturday as I attempted to complete my grocery shopping. If shelves are going to be that high, with shoppers just over the 5 foot mark...or shorter, they should be well stocked so we don't need to be jumping to see if the product we are searching for is actually there. Yes, I have been known to jump in the aisle to scan that top shelf for the item I'm looking for when my height has rendered me visually impaired. I've asked other 'taller' customers, or required the aid of an employee, when all my efforts have failed to accomplish the task.

I'm wondering today if anyone feels outside His reach? Are there moments when circumstances, situations and feelings have you huddled in a corner, feeling alone and abandoned? Do you ever feel forgotten by the One who said He will never leave you and always love you?

Sometimes it's a hard walk between the head and the heart. Time passes. Life isn't going the way we had planned. Answers that we felt should have already been in the past. still stand unrequited. The journey seems long. The truths and promises we've been taught don't appear to be transpiring, at least not right now.

What about your position on the 'shelf'? No-one is reaching for you. Others are being chosen and placed in the 'cart', but there you sit. No extra effort is being given to choose you, yet your life is filled with value that you wish others were hungry for as well.

Today my heart has been so encouraged to know that I am never outside His reach. Our reaching might be in vain, but His never proves to no avail. For God, reaching means touching. Although there have been times I have wandered outside of His will, I have always remained inside the reach His love.

In frustration I have surrendered my efforts and walked away, but God never gives up, lets down or stops reaching. Scarred hands touch every wounded heart.

that health concern...within His reach;
the prodigal child...within His reach;
uncertain financial strain...within His reach;
feelings of loneliness...within His reach;
deep emotional pain...within His reach;
struggling marriage....within His reach;
family crisis...within His reach;
overwhelming fear...within His reach;
adoption papers...within His reach;
university choice...within His reach;
future vocation...within His reach;
strained relationship...within His reach;
wounded soul...with His reach;
broken heart...within His reach;
You are...always and forever...within His reach.

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Laura said...

Was feeling this way last night. A simple word from one of my boys reminded me that He can do anything.
never beyond His reach!

Lori said...

I was encouraged as I read your blog...we have water dripping down from our roof. Last night we noticed it and turned off the water until the plumber can arrive sometime today. There is a broken pipe somewhere...This morning I prayed to be able to rejoice in everything I put my hand to today. Knowing that God's hands are on the situation and He already knows the outcome. He will take care of us and see that this problem gets resolved. Clinging to God will give me peace. Everytime I try to turn the water on, I'm reminded that God's hands are on us.
Thank you for your post today!
Praying for your Dad and family.
Love you,
Lori - Mesa, AZ
PS It is going to be 90 degrees here today! Since we can't take a shower I guess possibly we could jump in the pool! :)

lisasmith said...

Such a good word, Joy. thank you for taking the time to post on our readings each day. It is such an encouragement.

Elizabeth said...

Just found your blog on Lysa's. I appreciated this devotion and can't wait to read more. Thank you!

RefreshMom said...

I'm glad to see you back; there was some kind of technical difficulty and I couldn't see anything but your background most of the day.

Excellent post; I especially appreciate the list of things that are not out of His reach. Those are some of the things that can seem so from my perspective; it helps to be reminded of His perspective.

"No extra effort is being given to choose you, yet your life is filled with value that you wish others were hungry for as well."

I came to thank you for visiting RefreshMoments and for your sweet encouragement. The quote above was an echo of your comments to me. I always appreciate your insights here and even the comments you leave on other blogs; it's a great compliment that my blog has blessed you. I look forward to seeing you around more.

Judy Dearing said...

Thank you for such encouraging words today. I mull over "for God reaching means touching" - what a comfort, to be touched by the Savior!
Joy, I appreciated your thoughtful words on my blog the other day!