Thursday, March 26, 2009

My Portion

"...he himself would be their allotment" Joshua 13:33

As I read that this morning, I immediately wrote in the margin of my Bible, "my portion".

Portion. An allocation or allotment set aside for a specific purpose.

The lyrics to a chorus keep singing in my head:

"I will bless the Lord forever,
And I will trust Him at all times.
He has delivered me from all things,
And He has set my feet upon the Rock.

I will not be moved, and I'll say of the Lord:
You are my Shield, my Strength, my Portion, Deliverer,
My Shelter, Strong Tower, my very present help in time of need.

Whom have I in Heaven but You.
There's no one I desire beside You.

You have made me glad, and I'll say of the Lord:
You are my Shield, my Strength, my Portion, Deliverer,
My Shelter, Strong Tower, my very present help in time of need.

My very present help in time of need."

I give testimony to the Lord being my Portion, especially as I journey into the 4th week of being at my Dad's bedside. Speaking of which...we had encouraging news last night which I wrote about on my other blog. A Dr. is FINALLY stepping in and wanting to get to the bottom of my Dad's concerns. May the Lord give him wisdom. Praising the Lord this morning.

Two other verses in my reading also held my attention: Joshua 15:19, Acsah asked of Caleb, "Give me another gift. You have already given please give me..." Pondering how often I've been dissatisfied with the gifts the Lord has given me and asked for more.

Also, Joshua 13:1, the Lord said to Joshua, "You are growing old, and much land remains to be conquered." I too am "growing old(er)" and "much land" still "remains to be conquered", eg. mountains of fear, valley's of doubt, wastelands of insecurity etc... A Beth Moore quote comes to mind: "Satan is standing on your God-given ground, daring you to take possession of it".

Let's move forward today ladies, with our Portion, having been set aside for a specific purpose, taking possession of all that is already ours in Christ.

Love & prayers for you all.

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On Purpose said...

Intentionally claiming the ground God has given to me today for His specific purpose, knowing He fills me with everything I need to conquer it for His kingdom!

Dear Heavenly Father be with this dr who has stepped up to handle this case. Give him the wisdom, insight, patience, and gentle care needed to care for this whole family. WE know You God have mighty and powerful hands and NOTHING is impossible for You. Help us to trust in Your timing and to stand in You firmly. Thank You for Your beautiful daughter Joy, for she truly shines nothing but You! Thank You for creating her to live for You, for Father You look amazing through her!-Amen

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Counting on his portion this day, for you and for me.

Keep me posted. I'll be interested in what the doctor has to say.


lisasmith said...

I love it when we camp on the same verses.

Pondering with you,

Joye @ The Joyeful Journey said...

Just found your site and love it! (Also love the name :D) We have much ground to conquer and we are more than conquerors in Christ!! Let's take the land!

Because of Jesus,