Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Rescue Me

Being a true romantic through and through, my favourite stories have always been those where a damsel is in distress, and the handsome prince comes riding in on his trusty steed to save the day. Sleeping Beauty was rescued with a kiss. Rapunzel was freed from her tower. Cinderella was delivered from her suffering by Prince Charming. Ahh... I love the pursuit and the passion. A love so great nothing can stop the rescuer from his mission.

Today I was captured by the thought of the Lord as our Rescuer. In comparison, Houdini's escapes seem trivial, as He can rescue me from any situation and remove all the chains that bind my heart and soul.

Most often I need rescuing from my own choices and disobedience...yet, I suppose there are times when the Lord allows me to be in trouble so that He can show Himself to me as Rescuer. Joshua 2:15 says, "the LORD fought against them, causing them to be defeated...". He caused them to be defeated to show Himself to be their Rescuer. The Lord Himself is the root of the rescue. He is both cause and effect. I get to meet Him in a new way and see another aspect of His divine character when He brings a need into existence.

God is not a one-time Rescuer. Judges 3:9 says, "the LORD raised up a rescuer to save them." Then, Judges 3:15 repeats, "the LORD again raised up a rescuer to save them."

I'm so thankful for the continued rescue He offers. Regardless of how I get into my state of requiring His rescue, whether ordained by God or a result of my choosing, He still rescues me. It speaks of His great love for us. 2 Peter 3:9 says that God doesn't want anyone to perish. His desire is for all to be rescued.

The greatest rescue He made is my journey from deserving hell, but receiving heaven through the death of His Son. A damsel in distress, He rescued me. Oh, how I love my Rescuer.

I'm in a place of looking for His rescue again today. I know my Rescuer will come.

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elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Praying for your eyes to behold his loud arrival on your behalf this day! Oh for a moment to just pause and breathe Him in. I did so today. I pray the same for you.


Chef Diane said...

Still praying for you,

Sheryl said...

Praying for you still. He is our Rescuer!

From my heart,