Sunday, March 29, 2009

Rest on Every Side

"And the Lord gave them rest on every side..." Joshua 21:44

Rest. A breathing break. Time to relax. Freedom from anxiety, worry and fear. Respite. Pause.

The Lord granted our family that "rest on every side" yesterday. We shared a special day with Dad. He was in good spirits. We sang old hymns around his bedside. The first song Dad started, and even harmonized with was, "It is no secret what God can do".

The passage in Joshua continues. "...the LORD helped them conquer...Not a single one of all the good promises the LORD had given to the family of Israel was left unfulfilled; everything he had spoken came true."

Oh, wouldn't it be just like God, now that the diagnosis by all the medical staff, specialists and professionals have been pronounced, their conclusions reached, that He touch and heal my Dad so that it IS no secret what God can do...and has done. Praying we'll continue to see God's Hand moving in, on and through Dad's life, and all our lives, as we give testimony and praise to the One who has given us rest on every side.

Joys are flowing like a river,
Since the Comforter has come;
He abides with us forever,
Makes the trusting heart His home.

Blessed quietness, holy quietness,
What assurance in my soul!
On the stormy sea, He speaks peace to me,
How the billows cease to roll!

Bringing life and health and gladness,
All around this heavenly Guest,
Banished unbelief and sadness,
Changed our weariness to rest.

Like the rain that falls from heaven,
Like the sunlight from the sky,
So the Holy Ghost is given,
Coming on us from on high.

See, a fruitful field is growing,
Blessed fruit of righteousness;
And the streams of life are flowing
In the lonely wilderness.

What a wonderful salvation,
Where we always see His face!
What perfect habitation,
What a quiet resting place!

Blessed quietness, holy quietness,
What assurance in my soul!
On the stormy sea, He speaks peace to me,
How the billows cease to roll!

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Marilyn in Mississippi said...

Thanking God with you for the good day on Saturday! Just stopping in for a quick check on you before heading out to church. Am glad to be able to see some good news and "hear" you sounding in better spirits! One thing we know.....there may be times when your Dad may forget where he is....but God NEVER forgets where your Dad is!

God bless you,

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

What a great day! We received some good news at church this morning also. My friend, Beth, took about 15 steps with her walker yesterday. Her legs still have paralysis, but by the strength of God and her determined will, she made her body move. Isn't that something? She's going to spend a further week in rehab and hopefully make further progress so that she can get home soon...maybe not needing her wheelchair.

Praising God for his hand in your daddy's life and in Beth's...even in small ways! Today I am thankful for the health that I know and for the health of my family.

Send me an update tonight. ~elaine

Laura said...

Oh, Joy.

I wasn't able to keep up with your dad's progress while we were out of town last week, but it sounds like he is doing wonderful. What a blessing to share a moment such as this.

I have been praying for continued healing.


lisasmith said...

Thank you, Lord for this good day. I pray Joy and her family would live today in Your rest too. Thank you for renewing those who have waited on you...and continue to wait. Amen

On Purpose said...

Joy you my friend are a work of beauty...a life that is being molded, shaped and handcrafted by a God who leaves out no detail!

Dear Heavenly Father thank You for the work You are doing in this situation, only You can and only YOu will. It's what You do. You get it done. Thank You Lord for Joy, her daddy and her family. For they KNOW You are holding them tight. Their faith being lived out, is so awesome! Thank YOu for making them strong and bold for Your kingdoms glory-Amen