Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Power in His Name

" from war..." Joshua 11:23

A war is raging and my Daddy's mind is the battlefield. Confusion. Delirium. Hallucinations. His speech is irrelevant and incoherent. He is disoriented in time and place as his memory fights with unseen warriors.

Last night the nurses had to wheel his bed out to their station as he would not settle and could not sleep. The evil one is fighting for control, of not just one mind, but five, as my entire family take up shields of faith and strap on helmets of salvation.

God has promised that victory will ultimately be His, but until that time the fighting is fierce. Satan has already advanced far enough. No more ground. We are armed with the Sword of the Spirit. Unseen beings are engaged in active duty. Purposeful, violent conflict intended to capture my Daddy will one day cease. Lord, I pray today You will give him rest from war. May He know Your peace that passes understanding.

"Jesus Your Name is power
Jesus Your Name is might
Jesus Your Name will break every stronghold
Jesus Your Name is life.

Jesus Your Name is healing
Jesus Your Name gives sight
Jesus Your Name will free every captive
Jesus Your Name is life.

Jesus Your Name is holy
Jesus Your Name brings light
Jesus Your Name above every other
Jesus Your Name is life.

Jesus. Something happens, supernatural, when we mention His Name.

Maybe you're like me. Maybe you don't always take the time to listen to songs posted on a blog. I stopped the other day while visiting someone in blog land and this song is continuing to minister to my heart. Say His Name. Something does happen.

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Chef Diane said...


My heart hurts for you having to watch the agony your Father is going through. Keep crying God's name, loved your post.
Standing with you sister!